Balm Cleansing 101: The Clean Slate


Whenever we launch a new product I feel like a schoolgirl crushing on the new cute kid with butterflies in my belly and I stay awake all night, my heart beating like wildfire. It’s so exciting to bring a product from concept to real life and into the hands of our customers. It’s also a privilege because we realize you have many choices and when you choose LBF it validates the entire process we go through to launch a new product. That process isn’t entirely as smooth as we make it appear. We make so many decisions and considerations before putting something on the market. Is it necessary, will it make your skincare regimen easier, can you use it effectively in combination with our other products? Ultimately, we want to cater to your needs while transforming your skin. Our newest product was first presented in The Capsule Collection as The Curative Cleanser. Those that purchased TCC begged us to release (the now renamed cleanser),The Clean Slate on its own and because we aim to please we did just that. I would like to introduce you to The Clean Slate and offer a few tips on how to use a cleansing balm.

I would bet that a good percentage of women don’t know how to properly cleanse their skin. Many wash their faces aiming to remove makeup, but a thorough cleansing is perhaps the most important step in your regimen. In order for serums, moisturizers and active products to work their best you need a well cleansed “palate.” Here is where our balm cleanser is both a smart and heroic product. It works beautifully on dry skin gently removing makeup and lifting away dirt and pollution from pores. It also works on wet skin offering an easy cleanse and hydrating boost for dry skin types. Either way you choose to use The Clean Slate your skin will be left clean, nourished and hydrated because this balm was created to lift away dirt and keep hydration in your cells. Most cleansers are too harsh with detergents that strip away precious oils and at this point we all know that dry skin leads to an array of skin issues we want to avoid, mainly wrinkles. Our goal is to encourage hydration with this type of cleansing and prep skin for the next step.

When I formulated The Clean Slate I knew I wanted a concentrated balm that was also rinsable. Having disliked most cleansing balms because I found them to be too messy and heavy for my skin we aimed to offer something just a tad different with the incredible benefits of retaining hydration. I don’t like spending a lot of time steaming a washing cloth and wiping away makeup. I also don’t like having extra laundry with all the washcloths one goes through. (I pride myself in running my washer and dryer every other week. Time, efficiency and not being so wasteful is how I run my one person household.) Our team agreed. We wanted a balm that worked on dry or wet skin and easily rinsed off without leaving a trace of film or residue and the most important part, soft, hydrated skin. One of the ingredients that encourages hydration in our balm is cupuacu butter. There are many reasons to love this occlusive ingredient, one being it doesn't clog pores and the second, it’s hydrophpllic (water loving) with 240% capacity to retain water and prevent moisture loss. Our cupuacu butter is raw, organic and unrefined keeping the phytosterols high and the antioxidant benefits superior. So you see, every step of bringing a product to market for us is carefully considered. Sourcing fine ingredients, experimenting with new methods of formulation and creating a product that delivers results. We truly believe our customers deserve the very best. Now all that being said, here are a few tips on Balm Cleansing 101 with our new luscious cleansing concentrate. We hope you enjoy every part of this pleasurable experience.

How To Use On Dry Skin And Remove Makeup

Add a nickel sized amount to the palm of your hand and warm up with your fingers. Apply the product first on eyes and gently massage eye makeup off moving outward towards forehead, cheeks and chin areas. Massage in circular motion to dislodge buildup. When all makeup is removed rinse off with lukewarm water and pat skin dry. Follow with Modern Radiance Concentrate and Barbary Fig Seed Oil to look and feel incredibly pampered.

How To Use On Wet Skin

Splash your face with lukewarm water. Add a dime sized amount to the palm of your hand and warm up with fingers. Apply the product to forehead, cheeks, chin and gently massage in circular motion. The concentrate may foam slightly, but massage until skin is clean then rinse off with lukewarm water and pat skin dry. Follow with Jardin de Fleurs, Crema Supernova and La Flora for a mega complexion multivitamin treatment.

How To Use As A Spa Treatment

Add a quarter sized amount to the palm of your hand and warm up with fingers. Generously apply on a non-makeup face massaging in circular motion. Allow the product to stay on skin while you shower or bathe so that steam and condensation can encourage softening. Rinse off with lukewarm water as the last step before you exit your shower or bath. Now you’re already for active serums, oils and cream moisturizers! Want to feel truly spoiled? Follow this steam cleanse with a few drops of our nighttime elixir, Aria and massage our luxe Crema Virtuosa into skin, spritz Barbary Fig Flower Hydrosol and don’t forget to treat your eyes to our best-selling Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum. (All of these products can be found in mini sizes in our limited-edition The Explorer Kit Nighttime.)

A special note from me: Always use dry hands or preferably a small, clean utensil to remove the product from its container. Wet hands add water and this will contaminate the cleanser, which is 100% waterless. Remember to treat natural products with kindness and consideration. They don’t contain all the harsh and toxic preservatives as conventional products do to keep them on shelves for years. We don’t want that! We want you to use your products rapidly to witness your transformation in efficacious skincare.

With joy,



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  • Hi Lauren,

    Thank you! We love making products that work to save time and that does what we say it does. An honor to do so for you.


    Victoria Fantauzzi on
  • Hi Diana,

    No need to worry! The Clean Slate is a great option for combo/acneic skin. Our main ingredient is cupuacu butter which is extrememly water absorbing and non-clogging. You can use the balm on wet skin or even add a little water to it to thin it out if you feel your skin needs that. It will foam and work its moisturizing and cleansing wonders! Follow it with our Barbary Fig Seed Oil to balance your combo skin and relieve acne. I hope that helps.


    Victoria Fantauzzi on
  • I can’t wait to try it! Everything you ladies make is always magical so no doubt your cleanser will be amazing. Thank you for this blog post. I will try it all three ways.


    Lauren on
  • I have combo skin and worry this will clog pores or cause pimples. Do you think this will be an ok option for me? As I age I definitely have more dry patches. 38 yrs old for reference

    Diana on

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