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The new year has begun with a bang, but not to worry I’m not going to write about resolutions, fad diets or even the new products we’ll be working on this year. I do, however hope you’re ready to delve into something more remarkable with us. I think there will be many changes happening on our front and a lot of it has to do with our growth, vision and you.

A growing business always faces a conundrum at some point. How do you continue to impact your customer demographic while putting forward new products with integrity and great style? What can your brand add to the market or to your customer that isn’t already existing or existing well? How do you grow without becoming repetitive or boring? Okay, maybe these aren’t the questions most brands ask themselves within research and development or sales and marketing, but we do. At times I have felt extremely challenged to push the limits because it seems it’s all been done before just with prettier packaging or a different brand name. As a super picky consumer myself this is not what motivates me to shop. I crave quality above all else and then comes the innovation. I do not fall for pretty packages. I often want what no one else has and when that doesn’t seem to exist, I begin this sort of marathon to manifest things out of the boundaries of my imagination. Our team knows when we sit down for our creative meetings and the conversation opens with me or Karen saying, “Okay, I had this crazy idea” more often than not that idea is going to emerge. As we like to say, one way or another. (Case in point, The Capsule Collection.)

Lately, our imagination is taking us back to the past and to second grade. To be more specific, the mind of the seven year old. It’s here where I distinctly remember not being judged, was truly delighted with my creative self and had freedom of imagination that seems to dissolve as we become older. The seven year old self is full of wonder, lucid with ideas and unabashedly confident. I sometimes wonder, what would the world be like if for only one day we asked all the seven year olds on the planet their opinions and advice on how to better the state of the world? (If you know a seven year old, go ahead and ask him/her and you will be impressed and even moved by their true and simple answers.) Sometimes when we are stuck, blocked or even a bit wrecked, it is a great service to ourselves just to let go of fear and judgment and get back to our confident, fun, seven year old selves.

Creators, artists, makers and innovators are often fearful of running out of ideas, but what if you could trigger a state of consciousness that is always within you to just continue flowing? Are ideas manufactured or are they intrinsically manifested? How does this happen? I’m of the opinion that in order to move past the past you kind of have to stop giving a shit of what’s happening around you. Stop paying attention to what your PR team is saying, your competitors, the reviewers, the critics, the editors, the bloggers, the list goes on with what businesses think makes their business great. There is a reason we stopped listening to those voices years ago and it had to do with a mistake that turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to us as entrepreneurs. It made us hyper focused on exceeding beyond being another brand in the beauty industry. At every single point in my life when I awaited accolades from others, I produced horribly mediocre results. Whether that was with a work project, relationships or ideas.  It was only when I pushed past satisfying a teacher or a parent and achieving my personal best that the reward was greater and sweeter than expected. Truthfully, I never have been any good at listening to what others expect me to do. I remember being seven and I remember feeling very happy. No limits to what I could or could not do. That is a blissful state of being that we are working on as a brand to get back to. I think you'll be seeing it all soon enough. 

There is a sense of freedom in doing something to impress yourself and no one else. You aren’t as judgmental or brutal and a bit more willing to give leeway to the mistakes that help you improve. Gosh, I love mistakes! Yes, they are frustrating when in the moment and I have shed tears while trying to figure out a problem that was highly complicated, yet what comes out of those knots is often something greater, more intimate and outperforming than what you were initially trying to accomplish. I value mistakes and the functionality it provides me personally. I strive harder to fix problems or I turn them inside out, deconstruct them and put them back together. Very much like lego pieces. I do this in my mind, physically when appropriate and subconsciously. I pay attention and listen carefully and often I come up with something better than the initial goal. I call that achieving my personal best and I satisfy mostly myself.

If you’re wondering what in the world any of this has to do with skincare, please allow me to explain. We decided a while ago that we don’t want to create another cream just to create another cream. Who needs another cream? We want to create meaningful products and have you experience them unlike you have ever before. I like thinking we’re more than formulators because we don’t create products just for profit, we produce to manifest our personal best into your lives and your daily personal care. The result is an exciting growing business we fall more in love with each day. I do believe when you do what you love you will be rewarded in many different ways. For me personally, it’s just a little touch of adding beauty to your lives that makes me feel proud and excited. Even still when I meet a costumer or fan of ours and hear how Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum or Modern Radiance Concentrate has changed their lives I feel butterflies and goosebumps all over. I feel an abundance of gratitude that you use our products with such love and justified in all the ways we conduct our practices to put forward excellent quality. Our products are a small contribution to the integrity of the consumer seeking the best and to your gorgeous best self. We do not take that lightly. We thank you for so many years of faith and loyalty to La Bella Figura and I promise that what is coming your way next is more wondrous, made just for you from the hearts and minds of our inner seven year creative selves. Get ready for more magic!

With love,



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  • This is amazing and inspiring to read! I love to see creative people staying true to their own vision. I am excited to see what you guys bring out!

    Ertemisa on
  • Hi Janet,

    Happy New Year to you! We think you’re going to be happy to hear that our cleansing balm is going to be one of the new products we launch this year. Honestly, it’s smooth as silk, smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling clean without any residue.



    Victoria on
  • Hi Lauren,

    Why, thank you for the compliment on my writing skills. I try very hard not to rant or go off track too much. :)

    A body mousse sounds nice, although the whipped cream part makes me want to eat a real chocolate mousse now. Body products are certainly on our radar. We love slathering ourselves with decadent oils and creams. We’ll see what the future holds.


    Victoria on
  • Victoria, you are such a beautiful writer! You ladies are so creative…I’m excited to see what your 7-year-old imaginations create for us. :-)
    How about creating a body mousse? My favorite snack as a kid was chocolate mousse (pudding) topped w/ whipped cream. I don’t know why I thought of this memory but slathering a mousse textured product anywhere on my skin right about now sounds heavenly, nourishing and playful. Have fun in the LBF lab!

    Lauren on
  • Happy New Year LBF! I love hearing how you ladies get inspired. Sounds like 2017 is going to be exciting. Can’t wait for new products and hopefully your Cleansing Balm from the capsule collection will be one of them.


    Janet Kowowski on

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