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Dear Friends,

My annual love letter to you is long overdue. I usually write this letter in October, but life has been busy and full of surprises. I find myself always trying to catch up, but I never really do. I’ve been on the brink of major transformation and it doesn’t feel like life will slow down anytime soon. Change has been the fundamental factor that has driven me much of this year. Whether I’ve wanted it or not. I’ve had so many changes and most of it happened concurrently, which has caused me to feel more anxious than I’d like to admit. I’ve been feeling as though I’m carrying a heavy backpack and walking uphill nonstop. Change can be both thrilling and frightening. Presently, it’s exhausting. In the midst of all of this newfound transformation I’ve had this feeling of deep nostalgia for something I couldn’t exactly decipher, but I have a clear understanding now.

When you’re a go getter and always on the go it’s vital, I think to make moments counts. Connection for me amplifies a sense of security. An entrepreneur’s lifestyle is eccentric and unstable. If you’re a person that relishes in security, patterns and lives by a planned calendar then I’m afraid to tell you this lifestyle may not be for you. So many of my colleagues in this business have shared their anxiety, fears, depression and thoughts of failure in other departments of their lives. Some have shared the demise of marriages or romantic relationships, the constant sense of guilt and inadequacy for not being more present with children, family or loved ones and some have even shared their fears of jealousy over the success of others. I myself, have felt unprecedented anxiety, destroyed sleep and depression in this role I took on more than 8 years ago. That's the truth and there is no sugarcoating it. I also must admit that I rather love many elements of my job where others would not. I like knowing every day will be different. I like pushing myself to evoke creativity and expanding my standards. Most of all, I like building something special and I love exploring ideas without the burden of limitations. (I am after all a bohemian hearted rolling stone.) I think this is what drives me the most. For all of these reasons it’s very important to me to work towards and maintain connection.

Our jobs as formulators rely on connection. Without it we can't do our jobs. We listen to what you need or what you want and we strive to make things that serve a purpose in your life. We aim to offer you products that are harmonious and connected with natural ingredients rather than trendy products that don’t actually fit into your lifestyle. Karen and I thought a lot about how we can continue connecting with your needs and developing products that matter to you. As we approach winter and a busy holiday season we’re releasing a few limited-edition products we hope will connect with your needs. We’ve added two new Botanical Mood Boosters, Sleep Therapy and Passion Therapy to our collection, alongside a new mini Bestsellers Collection and an upcoming Evening Ritual and Bath Kit. The latter was inspired by my new unselfish, self care ritual of carving time for myself whenever and as often as I can. This is helping me unwind at night to then rewind in the morning each day.

For those that feel stress during the evening (that would be me) or have difficulty sleeping we created Sleep Therapy to help aid anxious emotions and provide a sense of calm. We blended four varietal lavenders (from 2 regions of France, Spain and Bulgaria) then immersed this middle note with violet leaf, angelica root, sage, blood cedar wood and rose to offer a modernized, herbaceous scent reverent of sun, earth and forest. I am truly obsessed with this new mood booster! I know you will be too it’s so relaxing and gorgeous. We also developed Passion Therapy to awaken desire, creativity and ignite love-inducing endorphins. We centered its therapeutic properties around the benefits of oud. Oud is an ancient resin that exudes such lush and sensual notes it's often worn by women in India undiluted, revealing complex notes all day long. Our blend highlights botanic appeal with vibrant davana, smoky palo santo, orange blossom, caramelized grapefruit and sweet 6 year aged patchouli. (Patchouli haters have never tried aged patchouli.) I love this mood booster when I’m feeling creatively fatigued or having a bad hair day or best of all, “damn I feel sexy as hell” day.

I’m not trying to imply that our mood boosters will solve all your problems, save your marriage or raise your I.Q. I’m saying that in this fast-paced, instant gratification and sometimes disconnected world it’s the little things we do that helps us become better humans and kinder to ourselves. We should give ourselves these little moments of joy and not feel so guilty about turning off our phones to enjoy a relaxing bath instead of listening to our best friend’s latest Hinge fiasco. If we can’t find the time to connect with ourselves it makes it extra hard to connect with others. I really hope that all of you reading this right now know you deserve to treat yourself with kindness and love as much as you give it daily. Your children, friends, parents, lovers, spouses, coworkers and pets will feel your joyfulness when you feel it as well.

Before I sign off I want to personally invite you in the Chicago area to come meet me, Karen and our team next week (Friday and Saturday, 11/16+11/17) and experience our new mood boosters in person at the opening of The Parlor. The Parlor is a 2 day pop up brought to you by A Night For Green Beauty. If you want to know more about it please visit ANFGB about hours, details and location. I hope to connect with you there and share our beautiful treats with you.

With love,



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  • Thank you for this piece as I found it to be honest and sincere. It left me at peace with leaving guilt behind. There’s quite more to share but I think I’ll set that aside guilt-free as I enjoy more aspects of your website & nourish my own self-care.

    Lisa on
  • Your honesty is so refreshing Victoria. Thank you for all your hard work and for making beautiful products. Can’t wait to try the sleep and passion therapies.


    Janet Kowolski on

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