How To Use A Serum (And Why You Should Want To)

If a face oil was the last big move you made for your skincare routine I’m here to encourage you to step it up a notch or two. Unless of course, you’re 20, born into the Clooney clan with perfect skin or have no worries in the world, everyone can benefit from a serum. Serums are the Beyonce in the skincare category and let’s face it, we could all use a little more of that lemonade sass when it comes to our skincare.

Ideally, a serum is formulated to pack a punch and serve as a treatment or preventative care. They can intensify your entire regimen and reset your complexion, however you need to know your objective. Do you want to brighten and tone? (use a Vitamin C serum like our Modern Radiance Concentrate.) Rejuvenate and glow? (Aria Nighttime Recovery Treatment.) Perhaps you need to clarify and boost elasticity. (New intelligent product coming soon.) In any case, I hope you’re still reading labels especially when it comes to serums because the active ingredients should be listed first. Since serums are heavy hitters they tend to be more costly and many products use fillers first so they can truly milk out a formula to their financial benefit. Some products use buzz words like, “hyaluronic acid” or “peptides,” but all of these actives need support with other ingredients for long term benefits. Unfortunately, many of the products I’ve encountered don’t have a built-in support system for hyaluronic acid to merit its benefits. You’re literally flushing money down the drain and I believe this is why some people give up and move on to another hyped up product. Use a stellar serum and allow it some time to work and show results. Give any new product you introduce to your regimen 3-4 weeks to show results and please, do not believe those ads that claim their product showed “visible improvements” in under an hour. It takes longer than an hour to show improvements, although it can be instant to feel the benefits of a good product. There is a difference, kind of like how we feel when we see the hot bartender at our favorite cocktail bar, but then go home to the lionhearted partner that makes us soup when we’re sick and still makes us laugh. (Don’t be fooled by that bartender’s wink, he shares it with everyone, it’s his job.)

Serums can be water, oil, gel or cream based. Some people feel very adamant about the serum texture they use and how they use it. Personally, I like a fluid “water” based serum, which I top with an antioxidant rich face oil. I use a serum both day and night and my skin has never looked better. There is a method to this routine, but I promise it is not complicated. I am not one for complicated or lengthy skin care regimens. I want to apply my products and move on with my life. I'm sure you do as well.

The best time to use a serum is after you’ve cleansed your skin and exfoliated. (Most of us believe exfoliating means rubbing your face raw with apricot shells and we overdo it. You can use enzymes to exfoliate or gentle powders that do the trick without causing micro-abrasions. Pardon me, this is a completely separate blog post I’ll get to soon.) After you’ve exfoliated and have shed off dead skin cells, your skin is like a canvas receptive to powerful actives penetrating deeper into the skin and doing their job. This is when your serum will sing to you. It’s the first product to use after a cleansing followed by a generous dose of facial misting, cream or oil, sunscreen and another generous spritz of facial mist. (We like our Jardin de Fleurs, which is super active with hyaluronic acid to keep moisture in. (Never, ever, ever use a face mist that contains alcohol! Never!) I use this same step for a night serum, however I tend to apply a bit more serum. I use Vitamin C serums during the day and Vitamin A and D serums at night because I find they’re more useful then and don’t degrade. My favorite serum at the moment is a custom blend I create using The Capsule Collection. I blend our Vitamin D concentrate with 3 aronia spheres, grape seed oil and Helichrysum and Melissa hydrosols giving my skin a supercharged boost of Vitamins D, E, resveratrol and an omega complex. I feel like I’ve given my skin a drink of the world’s best juice smoothie!

If your skin needs a reset or you’re seeking long term benefits you need a good serum in your life. We have several (and a new release coming soon) in our collection and the ultimate serum experience via The Capsule Collection for true serum connoisseurs that enjoy playing alchemist. Feel free to contact us if you need to be matched with the perfect serum. We're always here for you. 


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