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Last year we sat down as a team to discuss what new products we should consider working on for research and development. This is always my favorite part of my job as I get excited about endless possibilities. It was kind of funny because as we listened to our team Karen and I were already aligned with one single thought. Transformation. Our clients and customers are interested in achieving transformation and that is a big part of our goals creating high end natural products. How could we really define this in new products that offered problem solving solutions while maintaining an innovative approach and a complete skin pampering experience? In other words, what experience could we offer our customers that they haven’t already tried?

We needed to dig a little deeper and beyond formulating yet another face oil cleanser or moisturizer cream. This time we knew we needed to challenge our own ideas and explore outside the conventional realm for something more exceptional. We asked ourselves, what did we love, what were we inspired by and what ignited endless passionate conversations at our table as a team? It was easy, the culinary arts, chefs and great food. We went on an incredible journey into the history of food pouring over cookbooks, watching documentaries and attending the Milan Universal Exposition to hear chefs from all over the world speak on every issue regarding food politics, ingredients, farming, culture and technology. From Michael Pollan, author of Cooked: A Natural History Of Transformation we explored the four elements of transformation in cooking, fire, water, air and earth. From Ferran Adria we were inspired again with transformation, this time in the form of adapting modern scientific methods to tell stories and incorporate magic and wonderment into food. We pulled our favorite Julia Child recipes out of our personal archives to challenge ourselves and boost our confidence. Julia didn’t even make her mark as a chef until she was 40 and hadn’t expected to make a career out of it, but she was a natural born leader and fell in love with gastronomical disciplines and teaching others to cook.

To me, a chef is a mysterious soul. If you cook and have passion for cooking then you may be an unconditional nurturer. Cooking is an act of love in a primitive form and unrecognized trait of altruism in my opinion. Add to that, a high regard for ingredients, a desire to please, inner creativity, strong drive and an appreciation for beauty. It’s not a coincidence that many chefs share these common traits nor was it lost on me that we as a company also share these traits and continually make careful decisions in what we put forward to include into our collection. There is another trait chefs seem to share and one I believe La Bella Figura has effectively exhibited from the moment we launched our rare Barbary Fig Seed Oil and that is, complete love for the work being produced.

It is such a pleasure to introduce our newest work of love, The Capsule Collection, a 15 piece ensemble of some of the finest and most powerful tools to customize your own skincare products, fresh and without compromise. The Capsule Collection is by far our most innovative product design. In addition to the products, we included a recipe guide, a sterling silver sphere spoon and a mini mixing bowl for easy blending. Although I personally enjoy the experience of blending ingredients in the palm of my hand, (they feel so nice! ) the beauty of this capsule is that you can use it as you like. It is made for you to personalize and enjoy your bespoke serums, moisturizers and cleansers how you would like to and for your skin's daily needs. As for the products themselves, all we can say without revealing every detail is we’ll have quite a few brand new products and a few stellar standards. The experience of The Capsule Collection is a luxurious one from the moment you lay eyes on it to the glamorous and fun approach of customizing your products. We can’t wait to share more details soon. We hope you’re as excited as we are!



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  • Anxious to see what this is all about. And try it! Have heard about reservatrol in the skincare news . This sounds very innovative.
    Whoo hoo!

    Gwen on

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