Introducing Vitamin D + Ergothioneine In Green Skincare

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A few weeks ago I accomplished a milestone birthday. I turned 50 and it was a great and fun day. I didn’t do anything crazy like jump out of an airplane or climb mountains, mostly in part because I’ve already done those things. Being an adventure junkie makes you always want to top the last adventure. I kind of surprised myself because initially I thought, maybe I should accomplish something I've never done before. I think turning 50 is my new adventure and I've never done that before. I want to take this year on a little more consciously. I’ll probably still find exciting things to do, but I can admit that what I look forward to most is time well spent with the people I love. I want more of that. 

I think for many women these milestone birthdays cause some panic. Maybe you find a gray hair or notice a new wrinkle there and struggle with the belly that no matter how hard you try just isn’t as flat as a board anymore. Can I just be honest and admit, I no longer care?! I no longer care to freak out about a gray hair, new wrinkle or that I’ll never be a size 4 again. I like how I look and better yet I love how I feel. It doesn’t mean that I’ll give up trying my best to look as wonderful as I can and to prevent new wrinkles from coming, but I won’t fall into despair or insecurity about it either. I feel more kind towards myself and I feel more accepting, which includes all of my flaws. The easiness within my skin beats trying to compare myself to 25 year olds. I’ve earned every second of my life experiences and with it the joy of walking confidently as a woman with many accomplishments. I wouldn’t go back in time to give that up now.

With all that mentioned I still want to look my very best. Who doesn’t? It’s not like I’m going to suddenly stop wearing a bra or makeup or giving up my high performance skincare. We connect the way we look with how we feel about ourselves. It’s human nature and every person on this planet no matter how evolved practices some form of self care that makes them feel beautiful and good about themselves. I'm thrilled that La Bella Figura can in some small way be a part of that joy for many of our loyal customers. It's a bonus for me to share our work with you.

For this reason I wanted to empower other women with a product more advanced and aimed at targeting the health of their cells. Good looking skin is truly a combination of healthy practices, genetics and proper skincare. I wanted to get serious and began the process of developing a product that included Vitamin D and ergothioneine. This type of product is lacking in the beauty world and especially in green beauty. Vitamin D contributes to skin’s ability to repair and metabolism and aids in keeping skin clear. Some dermatologists and scientists believe Vitamin D deficiency can be a contributing factor to acne. Enter ergothioneine, (the “hot” skincare ingredient I’m sure you’ll hear more about soon) an adaptive super antioxidant that targets the nucleus of cells to protect them from free radicals. When I began my research into how this amino acid worked in our bodies I became obsessed. I had to find out which ingredients were rich in ergo and found that mushrooms and tubers, primarily truffles were high sources of ergo. We then began our plan to create our own proprietary blend. We went to California and learned a few things then came home to make a rich extract which we filter and formulate without heat to keep its bioavailability intact. This is just one of the powerful ingredients in our nutrient rich serum. We went a step further and included other adaptogenic ingredients to develop an antioxidant health “drink” for the skin working deep within the surface.

Our Vitamin D+Ergothioneine Deep Serum includes eight adaptogenic ingredients (aloe vera, gotu kola, moringa, schisandra, milk thistle, reishi, shiitake and black tuber truffles), resveratrol from aronia berries and sakura (cherry) blossom extract, an anti-glycation agent which helps promotes collagen formation. We call this serum an “adaptogenic concentrate” focusing on firmness, clarity, rebuilding the lipid layer and a vigorous complexion. Anyone can use it to impact your preventative and transformative skincare routine. I really hope you enjoy as much as you’ve enjoyed our Modern Radiance Concentrate Vitamin C serum all of these years.

I know you may be wondering how to incorporate this product into your current routine. I like using Vitamin D+Ergo at night before I apply Aria. I mist my skin with Jardin de Fleurs after cleansing then apply the serum followed by Aria. You can also use it during the day if you like and follow it with our Vitamin C moisturizer, Crema Supernova. Personally I like using my Vitamin C serum during the day because it’s our Vitamin D+Ergothioneine serum’s counterpart and it works to brighten and tone, while the D serum works to repair, strengthen and rebuild, but you can use these products in whatever way suits your skincare needs. Our goal is to direct you towards the perfect fit for what you need and we’ll continue to make the finest grade products for you.

I hope whether you’re 25. 40 or beyond our La Bella Figura products help improve your lives and confidence in how you feel when you look in a mirror each day. I’m on the same journey as you and I’m feeling excited about this new age.

With love,



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  • Tomorrow I turn 49 and appreciate what I just read so much! Happy Labor Day!

    Tiffany Smith on

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