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As I write this I’m at home listening to music, drinking a glass of wine while wearing my heart on my sleeve. I just got off the phone with one of my dear friends and we spent a while discussing everything from the state of the world, to the brave decisions we’ve recently made, to the last few dates we’ve been on. (You can insert hilarity and ridiculousness here.) This may seem a bit mundane, but the truth is that we both needed to have this conversation. Maybe you have had or need to have a conversation like this too. One in which you expose vulnerabilities and affirm the one thing we humans share a fundamental penchant for, the need to give and receive love. It’s quite extraordinary if you think about it. Why are so many of us fascinated, inspired or terrified of the one thing we would move heaven and earth for? Why does love connect or divide us? Why is the psychology and science of love such a mystery? (If you have an answer for any or all of these questions, please share them with me. I need to know!) I don’t know about you, but the older I get the more I crave true connection. It isn’t always easy either. We have a tendency to protect ourselves from the very things we crave. Yet we go off to the movies to watch people dance and sing about love or listen to hundred of songs about love and how it tortures us to lose, be without it or somehow be lucky enough to find it. One would think love makes the world go around. I, for one actually believe it does. I could not imagine living this life without the abundance of love I am so lucky to have. 

Most recently love has driven me to work on new endeavors. By now you know that the work we bring forward is often manifested by a particular kind of love. Whether it’s an ingredient, a favorite city, work of art, or the written word we love what we love with flair. We chose to bring forward things that touch upon our hearts and trigger our imaginations. True emotions have inspired us into a new territory of experiences and we hope to tell these "love stories" in a sort of modern three-dimensional approach. (Yes, read super cool and interactive.) For now, I’ll simply share that I’ve developed quite the fondness for wolves and Yorkshire pudding. I know that sounds vague, but I assure you it is true and wonderful. Again, I feel so lucky and grateful that I'm able to draw upon real emotions and develop that into a work of art to share with you. 

If you’ve been alive these last few months you have probably experienced a certain type of chaos that may have heightened your emotions about humanity to a full blown panic. Please don’t panic. I continue to believe in the beauty of humanity and I continue to seek incredible exchanges with others. By no means would I ever describe myself as naive. As a matter of fact, most people that know me would describe me as forward or as my mom likes to say, "fresh." Yet, I have this unyielding, powerful belief that most of us share the same desires to feel safe, free and loved. This gives me hope and doesn’t weigh me into a downward spiral of dread or negativity about our humanity. I love people and always have. I have so much hope and I know you do too. Let’s stay focused on this issue; do good in the world and when you know better, do better. Which leads me into our BIG MAD LOVE event happening on Monday, February 6. Join us on social media as we create a circle to spin forward with love and hope. Hope, by the way is my second favorite emotion. It feels like magic in the making and as though anything amazing can happen. We’re always game for that.

With love and hope,



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  • I’m pretty obsessed with your line so whatever is next is sure to be amazing. I think you are an incredible sensitive soul Victoria and like you I’m hoping for the best.

    Mari on
  • oh wow! this couldn’t come at a better time. I’ve been feeling down with all this negative news. Thanks for sharing hope,

    what does three dimensional interactive mean? sounds like your making some sort of beauty product for pets? I would love that since my dogs are my babies. Excited to know more you ladies always amaze me with your ideas.

    Janet Kowowski on
  • Hi Lauren,

    Thank you for your kind words and excitement. You know we are always exploring, pushing limits and going outside the realm of what’s possible to create the most gallant and intrepid products. I am 100% certain you’re going to love this one. As a matter of fact, I’m betting on it!

    BIG MAD LOVE to you!



    Victoria on
  • Sending BIG MAD LOVE right back at ya! I’m beyond excited to see what you have in store for us! Gah! As always, thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with us, Victoria. You are a true soul rebel.


    Lauren on
  • Hi Melanie,

    I’m glad you’re excited and we will be sharing more as soon as we have images. Stay tuned and make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter.

    Keep hope alive. Hope is magic.

    “There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen



    Victoria on
  • Dear Victoria,

    I’m always excited when you announce new products and this one sounds intriguing. Can you give us more of a clue? I can’t wait to see what LBF comes up with. Thank you or sharing hope during these dark times. We all need more of that.

    Your fan,

    Melanie on

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