Seven Steps For A Modern Approach To Gorgeousness

We all want to look our best, but sometimes in the midst of our daily lives the things we do or don’t don’t are the biggest contributors to aging our appearance. In my opinion a 40-something woman should not even try to look like a 22 year old. Often, I see some women trying so hard to appear youthful that it actually “ages” them even more so. Can we all agree that the notion of women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s (and beyond) can’t be beautiful, sexy or adored is antiquated thinking and quite frankly, utter nonsense? The confidence and life building character of women in these age groups are what I strive to achieve and what I believe helps develop a woman to being more joyful and fulfilled. The pretense of it all is what some of us have difficulty with. Why are we trying to erase life, joy and experience from our faces? How about we adopt a healthier attitude and we decide to age with joy instead? Let’s keep our skin in excellent condition and looking it’s very best for as long as we can and with good care we avoid or halt the things that most scare us; hyper pigmentation, sun spots, dry skin, wrinkles and puffy, fluid-retentive eyes and deep under eye circles. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, getting older, but mostly I love the little wrinkles around my eyes and the fact that the confidence I exude as I navigate my way through the world makes me feel sexier now than I did as a skinny, curly haired 22 year old with perfect abs and a gorgeous bosom. (I still have a gorgeous bosom, I take care of my besties just as well as my face.) Below are a few of the ways I approach modern beauty and would love to share with you. Using pure, virgin and natural products are definitely critical for my skin, but a couple of things are about keeping your brain and body in shape too, which is definitely an important part of being a radiant beauty.

1. Laugh, A Whole Damn Lot

Laugh a lot and find humor in everything and I promise your skin will look radiant and glowing every day. Laughing induces good hormones and brings a healthy flush to the complexion. My cohort, Karen and I laugh so much at work that sometimes I have to beg her to stop making me laugh. My good friends send me funny memes or YouTube videos and I find myself looking forward to those moments that trigger a good laugh. Watch funny movies before bed or ask your girlfriends about their latest Tinder dates and the good laugh that will surely ensue will have you feeling like a goddess in mere seconds.

2. Use A Good Source Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is amazing! A good source of it does wonders to the skin, aiding to fight free radical damage and helping to prevent damage from environmental stressors. Use it correctly for even better benefits. We like our Vitamin C in the form of Modern Radiance Concentrate during our morning routine and paired with rich, anti-inflammatory Vitamin E antioxidants found in our Barbary Fig Seed Oil, La Flora and Daily Elements Defense.

3. Eat More Plants And Less Meat 

I’m not a nutritionist so I won’t tell you what you should or should not do, but I’ve noticed the more rainbow colored foods I eat, the brighter my eyes look and the healthier my pores look as well. Plus, raw or slightly good vegetables are often a good source of adding vitamins and minerals into your diet and skin cells rely on that to be balanced, smooth and acne-free.

4. Use A Highlighter

This is easy as pie. You want to look luscious and glowing in an instant? Get yourself some Brazilian Denise Golden Highlighter and apply this hydrating golden cream on cheekbones, forehead, the bridge of your nose, heck use it on your décolletage and immediately light yourself up! Remember, a little goes a long way with gold.

5. Remember Romance

Sometimes we're so busy we forget or fail to connect with our partners in the way that initially excited us. Romance, love and sex are human experiences that connect us and make us feel beautiful. Make this time even sexier by lightning perfume grade candles and setting a mood. A Constellation Of Ghosts and Burning For A Wolf create a passionate infusion in the air with a stroke of a match and a little imagination.

6. Exercise Your Spirit

Put away the cell phone, turn off your television and get out there to see more art, catch up with friends during the week, listen to music when you arrive home from work, paint, write, stare at the stars or make dinner for your elderly neighbor. Basically, “get busy living or get busy dying” (not my words) and do something outside the norm every day, even if it’s for 5 minutes or something as simple as taking a bath at night with a glass of wine or tea and a good Agatha Christie book. Exercise the spirit of yourself and remember that you are not a robot designed to do the same thing over and over. Celebrate your complex and beautiful spirit.

7. Invest In Your Nighttime Routine

I find this time for myself my most coveted time of my day. I love the process of closing the day with good music in the background and my candles lighting my bathroom. This small gesture reminds me to take care of myself and treasure the ingredients in the product I lovingly formulated for myself, Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment. Having access to the best ingredients in the world is truly an honor and I designed this rich, green gold elixir to offer my complexion a super boost by morning. Some of my favorite ingredients in Aria are unheated green coffee bean oil, rich CoQ10 active avocado oil and saffron flower oil for reparative benefits. Exquisite phytonutrients and phospholipids from truly raw, unrefined plant material just can’t be beat for a complexion overhaul. Lately, I’ve been using Aria with our new, hydrating Barbary Fig Flower Hydrosol and it’s an incredible combination plus the scent of this mist makes me feel like I’ll dream of the sun rising over blossoming orange groves. So lovely!

With love and joy,



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