The Art Of Customizing Your Skincare

The holiday season snuck up on us and has now officially arrived. I’m never truly ready for any of it, unlike my partner in crime Karen who loves, loves, loves the holiday season and goes all out with decoration, great gift giving and fabulous parties. If you’re anything like me, it takes you a while to reply to invitations or make shopping lists that you ignore until the very last minute (I have been known to shop Christmas Eve with the rest of the desperate souls trying to find the perfect gift) or you pretend it’s not happening. I know, that’s not possible and an entrepreneur’s lifestyle is often ruled by choices made according to priority. So with that being stated, I'm making it my priority this holiday to get it together and help you get it together with gift giving, great tips and a few surprises.

Since quality and innovation is what we stand for, I’m going to share my thoughts on the ultimate beauty gift of the season. Of course it’s all about our Capsule Collection! There is nothing quite like this truly luxurious beauty alchemist kit. The concept to customize your own skincare is a bit adventurous as well as what makes LBF a standout brand. We go outside the limits for our customers. We think you deserve it and merit it more than any customer. You're savvy and adventurous too otherwise you wouldn't be our customer. We’re always going to emphasize the importance of stellar ingredients for you because that’s what drew you to us and that’s what we believe makes our products so revolutionary. I could go on and on and bore you about how much I love talking to our growers and farmers, but you know that already. (I bet that made you smile because it's so true.)

When we designed and curated The Capsule Collection we had to think of the top ingredients we wanted to use solely for the purpose of transformation in skincare. It’s no surprise that Barbary Fig Seed Oil made the cut. We use this single derived antioxidant rich ingredient in almost every formulation. If you haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet I urge you to try it, especially if you’re seeking a clear, healthy complexion and smoothing out fine lines. We also included, rich Maracuja Oil (Passionfruit oil) from Brazil prized for its high Vitamin C content and cold pressed to preserve the phytochemicals found in our unrefined oil. A brand new ingredient was added to the Capsule, the fresh and clean hydrosol made from steam-distilled barbary fig flowers. This light and gentle hydrosol is excellent to keep skin clear while boosting hydration especially when paired with our beloved BFSO. We had our producer include a drop of neroli flower oil during the distillation process for a sublime scent. Can I rave about how cool our producer is to do this just for us? Certainly the big and most talked about buzz is all about our spheres. These spheres are spectacular, sophisticated and fun to use (when was the last time you had fun with your high end skincare?) and my absolute favorite part of this capsule. Think of the spheres as a jolt of either Vitamin C or resevratrol to amp up effectiveness and power boost a freshly made product you create yourself. Our Aronia Berry and Kakadu Plum spheres are quite magnificent and they can be added to our cremas, masks, serums and oil products to highlight those products on any day you feel you need an extra power play. This kit is full of truly wonderful ingredients and new formulations (The Curative Cleansing Balm, a super fresh balm that melts the day away and rinses clean) and you can create dozens and dozens of products following our recipes from The Custom Bar or use your unlimited imagination and be your own alchemist. The possibilities are endless. The experience is incomparable and the ultimate luxury is in every detail. From the white cotton gloves to the handmade sterling silver sphere spoon and porcelain ceramic bowl. It would be amiss to fail to mention our gorgeous packaging, all handmade with sustainable and recyclable material. Customizing your skincare to suit your daily needs is the new way to use skincare. What a pleasure for us to discover this and bring forward innovation is such a way you won't want to go back to traditional methods. 

Now you know a few more details about our Capsule and we’ve been receiving excellent reviews and responses from customers that have made this purchase. Some have questions about what products inside the Capsule can be used with other LBF favorites. All great questions because we know you’ve been mixing and customizing for a while now. Our Kakadu Plum spheres go well with Modern Radiance Concentrate and the Aronia Berry spheres are what your nighttime beauty dreams consist of, profoundly efficient when paired and boosted into existing products. We want to hear what you’re coming up with! All of you wondering about The Curative Cleansing Balm, we have good news. It'll become a part of our collection in 2017 as well as another surprise we won’t mention quite yet. For now all components of the Capsule can only be found inside the kit. The Capsule Collection won’t be around forever and it will not be included in any discount we run this season. Sorry if that's disappointing, but it’s our baby, a work of art with every detail designed for your luxurious experience. We hope you want to experience this luxury item and find yourself in awe with how truly magnificent. We feel it’s that special and know you will agree this is the beauty item of the year.

In the spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving, I would like to express how thankful we are to be able to do the work that we do for you. It's always a dream come true to delve into our endless imaginations and bring forward creative and effective products. We are so excited for 2017 since we've been dreaming, planning and are already in production for new things to come. We wish you the happiest holiday season filled with great love, warm moments and a pop of champagne.

With love,

Victoria and the LBF team 


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