We're Going To Love The Hell Out Of You

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I prefer writing posts about what matters to us at LBF and are meaningful. Today, I have a lot to say, especially since I’ve spent the last six months thinking of what matters to me most as a product formulator and buyer of ingredients. This part of my job is the most important because these decisions directly impact all the choices we make as a business. Choice is a great word to note here because I’m also a consumer and I understand the power of my choices. I’m acutely cognizant of how, where and why I purchase the ingredients I do and in many ways how those choices have structured the way we conduct business. The ingredients we search for across the world are of the finest quality, most beneficial and the most sustainable. We don’t introduce ingredients into our collection because they’re trendy, as a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. Before we brought barbary fig seed oil into our world no one outside of Tunisia, Morocco and a few European countries had ever heard of it. We knew it was going to be a challenge to educate and sell products with this beautiful ingredient, but the benefits outweighed selling trends on the market. I’ve never really cared for trends and still don’t. Blue Tansy is another example of an ingredient not very popular and misunderstood when we formulated our best selling product, Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum. It didn’t matter that no one was formulating with it or that it was relatively unknown in the beauty world. We only cared how brilliant of a plant it was and how therapeutic its chemistry was to impact the performance of our eye serum.

Part of what I want to emphasize to those that truly appreciate impeccable formulas is the relationship that takes place between the brand, product and customer. As I see it, a product is a conversation between me, the formulator and you, my customer. I must be exceptional in my ability to perceive your needs, as well as understand the quality of my ingredients and how they interact to create the most efficacious and potent blends. I need to be serious understanding the science of plants, but I also weave my sixth sense into product formulation. Intuition is my sixth sense and I use this skill to predict the way customers use and integrate skincare. I also go a step beyond, adding other areas of expertise and my background in art, history, science, technology, culture, food and cooking into our creative process. Our objective is to challenge the conventional idea that natural skincare isn't as effective, as well as beauty is limited. There seems to be an arbitrary consensus of what quantifies effectiveness and it's based on conventional research, PR, advertising, magazines, companies, but not by what actually works for you. We work for you so it matters to me we always get this part right. 

What we as a brand always want to convey is our craftsmanship, artistic and scientific abilities for experiences that transcend the average. The average is simply not what I’m going to make for you or put on the market. The average is for brands that only wish to sell. I want to love the hell out of you and I want you to know it with every journey we take you on, with every gorgeous ingredient we use in our formulas and every single product you experience. Because I’m absolutely in love with our ingredients and you're always my most welcomed guest. We’re going to make our products so extraordinary you’ll always expect better whether it’s with my brand or any other you encounter thereafter. It’s my job to raise the bar and I’m thrilled to share it’s exactly what I’ve spent all summer doing. If you’ve loved our products all of these years you’re going to love them more because we’ve stepped up our game and have invested harder to bring you better. By that I mean, we’ve sought the most passionate suppliers grown by artisan producers or experts that really care about their process, as much as we do. My perfectionistic tendencies somehow seem to lead me to great growers and I find myself constantly in love with a new variation of an ingredient or a new producer. I know it’s not the way most brands run business as everyone is always looking to reduce cost, but for me it’s the only way that results in truly transformative products. This is why I’m infinitely vocal about using products up quickly, demanding retailers advocate and impart education on our behalf and why when it needs to be done we cut our losses with those that don’t get it. I know you do and this is why I’m confident our LBF experience is unlike any other. We’re here for you to create the best quality products, guide you and appreciate how lucky we are to have you as our guest.

With that said, this Fall we’re bringing back the new and improved Rainforest Hydration Treatment (you guys are going to LOVE/OBSESS over it) and our magical and decadent, The Capsule Collection. We’re pleased to present a new experience with TCC and I’m so excited about it. We hope to have these products available before October and hope you follow our creative process on our new IGTV channel. We want to share the fun and storytelling in developing our reverse spherification extract spheres plus so much of what it takes for us to come up with these creations.

Lastly, there was hardly a week when we didn’t receive word from someone asking when The Clean Slate with Blue Tansy would return. It’s back and you can purchase it today and experience this concentrated rinsable balm cleanser all over again. It’s a LBF exclusive and priced equal to our original. Choose the original for sensitive and normal skin and the luxurious blue tansy version to calm unbalanced and acne prone skin. 

A new and exciting season is approaching and we can’t wait to share with you. I only hope you’re ready for what this kind of love can do for you.





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