Your Must-Have Spring Skincare Regimen

Spring is finally and officially here! It’s my favorite season and I feel inclined to celebrate after a long, cold Chicago winter. I’m rejoicing with a few new dresses, the prettiest sandals and of course an update with my skincare regimen. It’s important to change or alter your skincare with the changing seasons. As the weather warms up our skin doesn’t necessarily need as much rich moisturizer and as we expose ourselves to the sun a good amping up of Vitamin C is critical for skin health and cell protection. I’m sharing a few products that I think are critical for the three most common skin types and for the new season.

For Dry Skin:

Step 1: Cleanse with our Gentle Enzyme Cleanser. This cleanser is light and foams slightly, but is formulated with Cupuacu butter, carrot and amaranth oils to nourish the skin without stripping it from your natural oils. Often many cleansers are made with harsh detergents that dry out the skin causing a recurring imbalance.

Step 2: Treat your skin to an active serum with plenty of Vitamin C like our Modern Radiance Concentrate. When my skin is super dry I love adding a little extra oil to this serum and emulsifying it in the palm of my hand before applying on the face. Usually it’s Barbary Fig Seed Oil that I incorporate, but I’ve also used Maracaju or Grapeseed Oil from The Capsule Collection.

Step 3: Spritz the skin with an active facial mist. An active facial mist includes antioxidants, enzymes or ingredients that aid in skincare repair and balance. I’m going to sound rather snobby about this, but I don’t feel a mist made primarily with water is sufficient enough to add to your regimen. Our Jardin de Fleurs is a unique blend of raw coconut water, rose, jasmine and helichrysum distillate and includes hyaluronic acid to further hydrate skin cells leaving skin plump and refreshed.

Step 4: I cannot recommend adding a high quality face oil for the final step here. My favorite for dry skin types is Barbary Fig Seed Oil. Rich in Vitamin E (88% of these naturally occurring compounds) and Vitamin K, this oil is the reason I do not have a line or wrinkle on my face. I promise! It sinks into the skin, balances out-of-whack skin, moisturizes and fights free radicals. If  you want a scented version with a little more activity, La Flora is an excellent choice.

For Acneic Skin or Oily Skin:

Step 1: Cleanse with Gentle Enzyme Cleanser. Again, light and nourishing this cleanser will not dry out your skin and one reason acne skin tends to go haywire is the constant stripping of the skin.

Step 2: Our Vitamin D+Mushroom Concentrate from The Capsule Collection is pure magic for acne skin types. Adding our Kakadu Plum Spheres and a few drops of Barbary Fig Seed Oil and Barbary Fig Flower Distillate creates a light serum to aid in calming down inflammation and reducing hyper pigmentation.

Step 3: Once or twice a week apply our Purifying Manuka Mask to cleanse and help detoxify clogged pores and balance oiliness. This mask is made with Manuka honey and a combination of nutrient rich clays and activated charcoal. A pleasure to use and the results of fresh, bright skin are instant.

Step 4: Barbary Fig Seed Oil or La Flora will keep your complexion, clear, bright and glowing. To reiterate, Vitamin E is your skin type’s BFF.

For Mature Skin:

Step 1: Cleanse with Gentle Enzyme Cleanser or our soon to be released NEW Cleansing Balm. I love the cleansing balm for mature skin because it’s rich and active and 100% water-soluble, which is perfect to avoid using a cleansing cloth. You don’t want to rub a thick, scratching cleansing cloth on mature skin. Treat this skin type like a baby. Our cleansing balm includes coriander seed oil, lemon kernel oil and orange blossom to aid with clogged pores and gently removing dirt and debris from skin cells. Added bonus, it smells lovely!

Step 2: Modern Radiance Concentrate is my daily staple, but so are many of the high-powered serums I create from the innovative Capsule Collection. I love creating a formula for what I need on any given day based on how my skin is performing. This is the ultimate luxury in my daily skin regimen and my complexion adores the pampering. Both the Aronia and Kakadu plum spheres are truly concentrated and the boost mature skin needs.

Step 3: Crema Supernova for day is my go-to moisturizer. It's light, nourishing and loaded with Vitamin C. This cream also helps to keep my skin from breaking out. 

Step 4: Daily Elements Defense, Barbary Fig Seed Oil or La Flora is the final step for daytime. At night I use our groundbreaking Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment (I keep this on my nightstand so i never forget to apply) and Barbary Fig Renewal Serum.

These are some of my personal favorite products to use when your skin needs a boost or a prep for warmer weather. Remember to use a good non-toxic SPF and wear sunglasses or a hat to avoid squinting and protect your eyes.


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