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A Constellation Of Ghosts-Perfume Grade Luxury Candle - La Bella Figura Beauty

A Constellation Of Ghosts-Perfume Grade Luxury Candle

$80.00 USD


perfume grade luxury candle-9oz./255gm

bougie parfumee 

storybook and matchbox included

A Constellation Of Ghosts tells the story of scent as an extraordinary emotional phenomena. Restless and feeling haunted, the wolf ventures on an emboldened journey across the Atlantic. This scent unfolds with delicate notes of burnt cream, lush balsamic flowers with a hint of imperial tartness. For a truly exquisite experience we encourage you to pair A Constellation Of Ghosts with Burning For A Wolf. These lovers burn beautifully together!

Top notes: Blood Orange, Basil

Heart notes: Seville Lavender Absolute

Base notes: Vetiver 

Burning and Care: For your candle’s duration and best performance make sure to trim the wick before every use, burning 2 hours at a time. Approximate burn time-65 hours.

Our candles are artisanal perfume grade and individually hand-poured using the finest quality essential oils and absolutes. Crafted specifically to highlight complex notes and beautify your surroundings with scent. Made with a soy/vegetable wax blend and lead free cotton wicks for a clean, aromatic burn. (100% plant based, GMO-free and handmade in the USA.)






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