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 "We designed our makeup collection with the same high standards as our beloved skincare line featuring superlative ingredients that heal, soothe and reveal radiance from deep within. Many of us wear makeup every day and often reapply throughout the day. With every application, we wanted that experience to be nourishing to the skin with selected ingredients that are effective and known to promote renewal while still providing luscious color. Our products don't include fillers that irritate or degrade quality, which often leads to more profound skin problems. Each piece of makeup in our collection is boosted with beneficial vitamins, minerals, rich omegas and breathable waxes that do not clog pores. Our makeup is advanced, vibrant and buildable. In other words, game-changing. We believe your skin deserves better. It always has." 

Victoria Fantauzzi and Karen King, Co-founders, La Bella Figura Beauty


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Decouverte Under Eye Corrector

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Decouverte Under Eye Corrector-Limited Supply Under eye brightener and illuminator-.14oz/4g This innovative Under Eye Corrector eradicates undereye darkness by brightening and minimizing sallowness, blue-ish coloring and hiding imperfections with the...

Radiant Creme Blush In Frida Fabulosa


Radiant Crème Blush-Frida Fabulosa-.14oz/4g Vibrant deep coral Like Frida Kahlo, (the fearless Mexican painter this crème blush was named after) this is a revolutionary splash of popping color that brings joy...
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Radiant Creme Blush In Disco Queen Gloria

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Radiant Creme Blush In Disco Queen Gloria-.14oz/4g a sensual rose gold delight  This delicate rose-gold creamy blush is getting your holiday party started with a retro yet modern flair. Disco...
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Radiant Creme Blush In Just Jenna

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Radiant Crème Blush-Just Jenna-.14oz/4g A splash of orchid pink A luxe crème blush that applies effortlessly onto your skin, leaving behind a beautiful, orchid pink hue. Cell-regenerating Acai and Rooibos extracts, emollient Marfura Butter and collagen boosting Brazil Flower...

Golden Corrective Highlighter In Brazilian Denise


Golden Corrective Highlighter-Brazilian Denise-.14oz/4g  A warm honey-hued gold Sun-kissed skin and a beach Goddess glow (without those harmful UV rays) is what Brazilian Denise bestows with each golden drenched application. Cocoa fruit...

Hydrating Lip Color In Lissette La Coquette


Hydrating Lip Colour-Lissette La Coquette-.14/0z/4g, $30  A deep ruby crimson  Lissette La Coquette is a deep, sexy ruby perfect for women who were born to rock a red lip. Bold, confident and ready...
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Soothing Creme Eye Shadow In Damn Elvia

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Soothing Creme Eye Shadow-Damn Elvia-2 grams, $30 Soft smoky grey with a tinge of violet A metallic, silver-grey shade that’s perfect for creating a sultry, ready-to-be-the-center-of-the-party smoky eye. Tinged with a hit of violet...

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