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Barbary Fig Seed Oil

Our favorite single ingredient plant-derived, Barbary Fig Seed Oil contains a whooping 88% of naturally occurring Vitamin E. This is likely the reason our customers see and feel the wonderful cumulative effects in their skin upon use. Naturally occurring Vitamin E isn’t a single compound, but a group of compounds with antioxidant properties unique to skin nutrition. Vitamin E is provided to the skin through sebum (acne sufferers rejoice because this is good news for you) triggering an anti-inflammatory reaction. It’s also delivered to the cell membrane and lipids. Studies have shown the antioxidant to absorb the energy of UV light preventing UV damage to the skin, an important role in photo-protection raising the bar to pro-oxidant status. This single ingredient product is glorious to use day or night benefiting all skin types. You will wonder where our single ingredient elixir has been all your life! 

Our Barbary Fig Seed Oil is uniquely produced from an EcoCert farm in Tunisia and extracted from the high quality seeds of the Opuntia Ficus Indica plant. Opuntia Ficus Indica is the most widely researched of the cactus plants with many countries around the world using the plant and fruit in traditional folk medicine. New studies focus on the bioactive (phytochemicals) compounds, well known for their health-related properties. Our oil is obtained from the seeds of the fruit, which are hand collected, checked for imperfections and carefully cleansed before pressing. Unlike other oils on the market our Barbary Fig Seed Oil is truly pure, raw and bioactive. Most BFSO on the market is a non-virgin macerated version produced when the entire fruit (skin, seed and pulp) is thrown into a machine, water is added then the pressing process separates the oil from the maceration degrading the purity of the seed oil. Our organic, vibrant oil is always cold pressed exclusively from the seeds and fresh to our order specifications. Barbary Fig Seed Oil has become a central ingredient in most of our formulations and a star on its own. Produced with pride from our eco-grower in Tunisia.


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