The Floralia Society


As a loyal La Bella Figura customer it is our pleasure to introduce you to our new membership program, The Floralia Society. The Floralia Society was created in honor of the ancient Roman goddess, Flora. Flora was the goddess of flowers, springtime and pleasure. Her festival, The Floralia was an annual celebration of nature's bounty and the cycle of blossoming beauty. In the same wondrous spirit we honor you with a tailored loyalty program designed with your flourishing beauty ritual in mind. We hope you enjoy being a part of a passionate growing community. We have so much to share and celebrate with you so let's raise our glasses and let the festivities begin!

"We have the best customers in the world and with that in mind we created The Floralia Society. We want to offer those customers something so special and intimate they're going to wonder why it's never happened to them before." Victoria Fantauzzi and Karen King, founders of La Bella Figura

 The Floralia Society is a private membership club for loyal La Bella Figura customers. Memberships are limited in order to provide excellent one-on-one customer service. To learn more about the fantastic perks, in-house promotions, birthday gifts, limited edition products, video FLORAGRAMS and so much more please send an email to: