Are your products safe for pregnant women? 

Yes, absolutely. Our formulations are gentle enough and do not contain ingredients that are toxic or harmful to you or your baby. Every product created in our beauty line is made with the highest quality and nourishing ingredients only for the utmost and vital elements pregnant women can rely on. 

What is the shelf life of your products? 

Each product has a shelf life symbol on its packaging to help you determine how long it will last once opened, however many products if cared for properly can last a tad bit longer in efficacy. Read our "Ingredients And Caring For Products" page for tips.

I'd like to transition to a clean beauty regimen, what one product should I start with? 

Getting started on a complete change towards a green beauty routine can be a bit daunting, but we are here to help you with any questions so feel free to send us an email or contact us directly. A very great start would be with a simple, effective moisturizer. We suggest our Barbary Fig Seed Oil which is a single ingredient and gentle enough for most skin types. You may also use day or night, on acneic, rosacea, eczema, mature and hormonal skin types. It is a wonderful balancing oil that promotes hydration, nourishment and a visible glow to your skin. 

Do you offer free samples? 

We are happy to offer samples with your purchase. Since our products are all hand crafted in small batches in our Chicago studio we cannot offer complimentary samples at this time. Please let us know what sample you would like to try with your order. Note, some samples such as Modern Radiance Concentrate may not be available as they are only provided when we run new production of this product. 

Are all of your products vegan or gluten free?

Most of our products are vegan with the exception of our two Bio Active Masks, which contain therapeutic manuka honey. All products are gluten free. We practice cruelty free formulation and never test on animals. 

Is Barbary Fig Seed Oil the same as Prickly Pear Seed Oil? 

Yes, indeed! Barbary Fig Seed Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil are one and the same. We source our Barbary Fig Seed Oil from Tunisia where it is referred to by its French name. Other names we have heard used for this miraculous single ingredient are Desert Fig Oil, Indian Fig Oil and Opuntia Oil.  

What time of day should I use Modern Radiance Concentrate or Barbary Fig Renewal Serum? 

All of our products may be used any time of day you prefer, however there is a method in the science of our formulations that provides a more effective experience in your beauty regimen. Since our Modern Radiance Concentrate contains superlative antioxidants, especially the powerhouse Vitamin C found in Kakadu Plum Extract it is extremely beneficially to use during the day when you are exposed to more free radical damage. At night when you have cleansed your skin properly you are better suited to use a treatment based serum like Barbary Fig Renewal Serum active with naturally occurring Vitamin A, which works most effectively at night since Vitamin A is sensitive to light and can degrade faster during the day. 

Can your makeup by used on sensitive skin?

Yes. Our makeup was designed with all skin types in mind and contains the finest ingredients including plant based waxes that allow your skin to “breathe” without clogging pores. In addition to providing luscious pigmented color our makeup contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omegas for the continued high performance availability you are used to from La Bella Figura products.   

Are your ingredients sustainable? What is your take on using palm oils, argan oil or ingredients that are obtained from endangered forests or delicate ecosystems?

We make it our business to know who we do business with and meet our producers whenever we can. That means we do our research so every ingredient we choose is being produced in a responsible fashion that does not harm the planet or contribute to the decline or destruction of ecosystems.  We vet every source before including any ingredient into our line of products. This is a very important practice for our business and love of our environment.