How To Care For Your Products

Our products are made fresh daily using premium, world-class ingredients and crafted in small batches by hand. We guarantee freshness by stamping every product with a batch number to trace when the product was made, every ingredient used in a formula and who made it. We also add a Best Opened By date on all product packaging and again the product's batch number. This is a reminder to open the product before its recommended freshness date, however each product has another extended period of time after opening in which it will remain fresh and potent. You can find the freshness locater on your bottles or jars with a jar symbol icon representing the product's shelf life after opening. It typically looks like an opened jar with 6M, 9M or 12M in the center. 

How To Care For Products

Store bottles and jars of oils, moisturizers and masks in a cool area that does not expose products to direct sunlight. Sunlight contributes to the breakdown of antioxidants and vitamins and can degrade the potency of our formulas. 

Gently wipe pumps, jars and bottles after every use. Drops of oil may run down the side of bottles causing removal of our soy ink printing, make bottles slippery to hold or damage pumps and droppers from loosening parts. Wipe mask containers if there is product on the rim to apply lids easily. 

Never add water to any of our formulas. Water can cause bacteria and mold and every product is carefully formulated with natural preservatives to maintain balance and remain mold and bacteria free. 

You may safely store your oil based products, hydrating mists and serums in a refrigerator if not planning to use right away. Make sure to keep in the coldest part of the refrigerator. This is not recommended for our masks or cleansing concentrates.