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Our Process

Ingredient Standards And Our Principals

Fresh, raw, bioactive, unadulterated, unrefined, natural and organic these are the vital elements we seek for every La Bella Figura Beauty ingredient in our products. We make it our mission to source only the best and most potent ingredients from our next door neighbors in Michigan to the deep mystical forests of the Amazon. We are ingredient-centric for our vision of excellent and effective performing products. The potency of our natural ingredients means better products for you, non-GMO for the planet and continued invested relationships with small producers. We manufacture our own products to guarantee our principals are implemented in every formulation. Product integrity and quality is high on our standards. Sometimes this means that our products sell out or are on a waiting list status due to arrival of certain ingredients being procured by a small producer or a growing season. We aim to keep all products in stock in small quantities as we provide freshly made products. You can find our batch number stamped at the bottom of our products, which are made using safe manufacturing practices. If at any time you have a question about a product or an ingredient, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

We Only...

Use certified organic, ecocert, wildcrafted, proprietary blends, ethically sourced, cold-pressed, ice-pressed, hand-pressed, raw, unrefined, extra virgin, non-GMO, home grown and bioactive ingredients. 

We Never...

Use parabens, nanoparticles, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance, PEG, GMO, phthalates, animal fat, heavy metals, mineral oil, polysorbates or triclosan.

We are a cruelty free company

How To Care For Natural Products

To retain the bioactive properties of our formulas we do not use synthetic preservatives to prolong their shelf life. We rely on the potency of high grade ingredients, an integrated approach with healing botanicals and natural preservatives such as Vitamins C and E, rosemary antioxidant and radish root extract. Many of our products have a six month to one year efficacy and shelf life period from the moment they are opened, however many products can sustain a longer efficacy life if cared for properly. 

Keep all products away from sunlight and stored in a cool, light free cabinet.

Make sure your pumps are clean and tightly adjusted to their bottles, lids should be wiped clean of product and tops properly tightened after use.

Do not store products in a humid or hot environment as this can cause ingredients to breakdown quickly and lose viability. 

Do not add other natural material or water to products as this can contribute to bacteria and mold growth and lessen the effectiveness of our formulas. 

Do not freeze or refrigerate products as this can cause certain products to expand in their packaging and glass to break.  

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