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Team Accolades

It takes a tight and mighty team to build a brand renowned and beloved across the globe. Our team begins with a motivating energy and then ideas that manifest into gorgeous products. We are forever grateful to each individual that makes us great. From our co-founders and sales team to our production assistants, operations manager, photographer, printers, support staff and certainly our FedEx delivery team and hardworking USPS workers that send your packages off with our best interest at heart. We count on all of these incredible people to ensure you are always receiving quality goods from our house to yours. A very sincere thanks to Team LBF and to the other folks we rely upon every single day. 

Our growers...

We pay tribute to our eco-producers, farmers, co-ops and growers who work relentlessly season to season to provide us with the fruit of their labor. These ingredients are grown with a commitment to the earth, soil and prized for their excellence in quality. Our small batch formulas rely on ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and arrive to us in their natural, raw, unrefined and wild or organic state. This is a new generation of producer dedicated in keeping ingredients pure for outstanding quality and integrity that cannot be matched. We thank you for your hard work and for your soulfulness in keeping our ingredients wild, organic and GMO-free. 

Our customers...

We would also like to express our gratitude to our customers who have found their way towards natural beauty and expect the very best of us. Your embrace of high grade, effectual and artisanal beauty products has raised the bar in our commitment to you in every detail building La Bella Figura. You, are our number one priority and the reason we are constantly exceeding our conventional counterparts in creating the world's most luxurious beauty products. You demand the best from us and we will never stop creating the very best just for you. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. There is so much more beauty yet to come! 

 Photo credit-Jenna Lee Photography

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