What Is Seed To Skin?


Seed to skin is our method of formulating fresh products from the world's most sustainable, unrefined and potent ingredients and bringing high performance directly into your daily skincare regimen. Our standards for authentic, well designed products are most important to us for results driven integrity our customers have grown to expect and love.

Every step of our process is unique and sets us apart from other skincare lines. We seek quality rather than trends, research and science over beauty fads, hold transparency and social responsibility in the highest regards for each formula that we bring into our line. You can feel confident with each La Bella Figura product that it was carefully created with your skin's best interest in mind to treat, target and reveal the healthy radiant skin you were born with. 

Enhancing your beauty with the most potent organic and wild-crafted ingredients is our idea of luxury and we embrace being able to provide extraordinary, fresh and viable skincare from the moment our ingredients are planted in the ground until they are harvested and used in our products. That is seed-to-skin directly from us, to you.