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The Daytime Radiance Set


The Daytime Radiance Set

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Our daytime radiance set will start your daily beauty regimen with a powerful blend of complete vitamins, minerals and free radical fighters for your most luminous and well balanced skin. Each product in this radiance trio works individually to strengthen and repair thinning or damaged tissue and eliminate dark spots, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and rebuild collagen for a more youthful and healthy glow. Our best selling Modern Radiance Concentrate works to increase luminosity and promote continued radiance with Jardin De Fleurs and Barbary Fig Seed Oil rounding out the benefits of hyaluronic acid, omegas and active ingredients to deliver antioxidants and vitamins deep into the skin. This is the most efficacious and luxurious treatment in natural skincare delivering visible results you will love. 

Skin Type: Best suited for dull skin seeking complexion brightening and a revitalized glow. mature skin seeking tissue strengthening, acne prone skin and hormonal skin types in need of balance. (Safe and effective to use during pregnancy.) 


The Daytime Radiance Set Includes:

  • Modern Radiance Concentrate-High Performing Complete Vitamin C Treatment (1oz/30ml)
  • Jardin De Fleurs-Skin Revitalizer And Vitamin Cocktail (2oz/60ml)
  • Pure Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil-The Ultimate Beauty Oil (1oz/30ml)


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