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A resplendent rose gold luxury oil

La Vie en Rose for Jamie Beck

Available 12/3

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Artisan Crafted Beauty

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Hand selected raw, wild-crafted and sustainable ingredients. Learn more about our ingredients and why they take center stage in our formulations.

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La Bella Figura is a celebration of global artisan craftsmanship, sustainable development and modern botanical alchemy steeped in rich traditions. Our background is rooted from the robust evolution of our ancestors. Using techniques we’ve learned from our own Spanish, Taino, Portuguese, Cuban, Filipino, Syrian, Romany, African, Irish, Scottish, Italian, Moor and French cultures. Our inspiration to bring old methods to contemporary beauty allows us to create truly fresh, efficacious and artisanal products beloved across the world.

We honor the process of artisanal craftsmanship marrying premium ingredients with innovative formulations. This is our passion and our unique love story.