Antioxidants To The Rescue!

We hear a lot about antioxidants and how they’re good for you, but what is an antioxidant and why are they crucial for healthy living? Antioxidants are molecules that prevent the destruction of other molecules by inhibiting oxidation. Oxidation occurs when molecules are exposed to free radicals and thus triggers a sort of chain reaction which breakdown cells and cause damage to the cell or kills the cell entirely. Antioxidants play a vital role in keeping cellular activity healthy by removing free radical intermediates and inhibiting oxidative stress in the first place. Now this all sounds a bit dramatic and like a war between angels and devils happening, but it’s all rather normal and happens on a daily basis to our bodies. We are after all living beings and we all age and grow old so dying and aging cells is just a process we go through called living. When it comes to your health you don’t just have to sit there and take it you can actively help the aging process slow down or perpetuate youthfulness by engaging in many behaviors that can contribute to a wonderful quality of life. Luckily the same can be done for your skin!

We’re exposed to free radicals every second of the day so it’s important that we nourish our bodies from the inside out first for gorgeous skin. It’s no coincidence that people that eat super healthy have that envious glow. That is rule number one. When it comes to your skincare you can turn it all around by seeking products made from pure formulas with high grade ingredients and potent antioxidants. You can slow the acceleration of damaging or dying cells and contribute greatly to new healthy cell formation with practicing good skincare.

What does this mean? For us at LBF it means getting to know the ABC’s of ingredients and selecting certain ingredients for specific products to increase efficacy in your skincare. We know that Vitamin C is a sort of superstar antioxidant and that its ability to fight free radicals is quite outstanding. There are many forms of Vitamin C that can aid free radical exposure, including isolates, but we prefer a concentrated version from a complete source. As a matter of fact, the highest source you can find with all of the important cofactors and bioflavonoids intact found in kakadu plums. We use this Vitamin C in our Modern Radiance Concentrate and in our soon to launch Crema Supernova Day Cream so that your skin is fighting the free radicals of UV rays while you’re out and about, protecting your cells from oxidation and restore the skin’s surface barrier. Vitamin C also helps protect fatty acids from oxidation, which are needed to help build collagen. Vitamin C is neat because it’s active inside of the cell and outside. Inside the cell it provides amino acids that delivers hydrogen and oxygen and helps form healthy pro collagen that modifies into collagen outside of the cell. Collagen is most abundant in the fibers contained in connective tissue, which pads the skin creating plump, healthy tissue. Viola new healthy cells and tissue formation!

Another critical antioxidant for healthy skin is Vitamin E. Naturally occurring Vitamin E isn’t a single compound, but a group of compounds with antioxidant properties unique to skin nutrition. Vitamin E is provided to the skin through sebum (acne sufferers rejoice because this is good news for you) triggering an anti-inflammatory reaction. It’s also delivered to the cell membrane and lipids. Vitamin E studies have show the antioxidant to absorb the energy of UV light preventing UV damage to the skin, an important role in photo-protection. To increase the effects of Vitamin E use it with it’s BFF, Vitamin C and you have a power duo in skincare that stabilizes this antioxidant and supports your skin twice as much. Our favorite single ingredient oil, Barbary Fig Seed Oil contains a whooping 88% of naturally occurring Vitamin E. This is likely the reason our customers feel and see the cumulative effects in their skin upon use. Less oiliness, less acne, increased radiance and tissue health are what we hear over and over and why we've been obsessed with BFSO since we began using it at La Bella Figura five years ago. You'll also notice we use it in quite a few formulations including our new Crema Supernova and Crema Virtuosa moisturizing creams. We want the best for your skin and not just any ingredient will do. 

Other favorite antioxidants are:

Vitamin A, which help reduce wrinkles, fade dark spots and smooth skin out. Find it in our Barbary Fig Renewal Serum.

Vitamin K helps lighten under eye circles by preventing fragile capillaries that allows blood to leak into the skin. Find it in Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum.

Resveratrol helps prevent wrinkles, has significant wound healing benefits and fights free radicals. Find it in Healing Manuka Mask

Phospholipids/Linoleic and Linolenic Acids, these fatty acids replenish the skin's intercellular matrix and also help reduce inflammation keeping cell healthy and the complexion radiant.  Find it in Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment.


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